By: Dr. Christopher Vogelmann

InstaPatients helps you to boost your practice growth with massive social reach.  From acquiring new patients to keeping your current patients happy, Dr. Christopher Vogelmann, The Harvard Chiropractor, lays out the right strategies and tactics for you to take advantage of today’s best social media platforms.  From Facebook Ads to Instagram Direct Messages and beyond, you’ll learn what works and what mistakes to avoid when projecting your practice image online.


You’re no stranger to social media. You probably created a Facebook page, run a few ads, and got ZERO results.  Or maybe you’ve tried Instagram and no new patients came in from that either. Well, that’s about to change.  It’s time to boost your practice growth with massive social reach.  We will show you how to master these social strategies today.

Getting new patients and keeping your existing ones is getting harder and harder.  Every day somebody comes to your office with a printout from dubious sources like WebMD. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have your potential patients and your current ones educated with facts rather than filled with the latest fantasies?

You have the opportunity through the effective use of social media to both educate and engage with people at a high level that has never before been seen in health care history.  However, you must become savvy in the use of social media and avoid the mistakes that often are practice killers.

In InstaPatients, we delve into the strategies, tactics and digital hacks that turn you into a social media master.  And, the best part?  You don’t have to do it yourself.  With our guidance, tips, and tricks, you can outsource your social media outreach to your staff or to an outside agency.

Become “an educated consumer” of social media strategies and you’ll never be taken advantage again by some no-nothing digital ad agency that just hung up their shingle.


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