Hi there! I'm Dr. Christopher Vogelmann

I help business owners to double, triple or 10X their results so that they can work less and make more.

I’m Dr. Christopher Vogelmann (aka “Dr. Fun”).  Most people know me as “The Harvard Chiropractor” but these days I devote my time to being a big business growth coach.

I help business owners to owners double, triple or 10X their results so that they can work less and make more as well as Have More Fun.   

My clients say that I have the ability to both inspire and educate people to take strategic action steps for their massive results.  

Most people call me “Dr. V.”  but I am also the host of the upcoming Dr. Fun Show podcast.


Lordy! I have over 32 years of clinical practice and first used ``The Facebook`` back in 1976 while an undergrad at Harvard.

I have been blessed to have worked in both advertising and marketing since 1976 while at Harvard.  That coupled with working in the psychology department with Prof. David McClelland, have given me a keen insight into both human motivation and communication.  When you bland in 32 years of clinical and bricks-and-mortar experience, you can see how I can help you to maximize your business growth.

  • I create and deliver packed practical training.
  • A practical learning experience with live examples.
  • Practical strategies and tactics you can implement to boost your business growth.