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I achieved my success by asking the right questions, listening intently, and offering the best possible business and practice strategies. Having been in the trenches as a healthcare business owner, not just a practitioner, I know what it's like to deliver compassionate care while also providing profitable results.

Founder, Big Business Growth Coaching

Why Coaching?

One-to-One is the Way to Get Things Done - Strategy, Implementation & Accountability


Program Your Mind for Success to Overcome Roadblocks and Make Breakthroughs


Get your head out of the clouds and focus on your strategy for Results!


With the Right Mindset and the Right Coaching, You Can Get Unstuck with Positive Changes that STICK!


Yes. This IS Possible for YOU with the Right Systems & Strategy

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Dr. Dena Churchill
“Christopher has the unique ability to connect with care and compassion.  A sensitivity that is rare and so profound to witness how he can draw out the answers from your own mind and heart without you even knowing he did
_Dr. Dena Churchill,Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Ray Goddard
“It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend and endorse Dr. Christopher Vogelmann as your next speaker and presenter. I have professionally and personally known and worked with Dr. V for over 30 years. He brings wisdom, clarity, passion
_Dr. Ray Goddard,Doctor of Chiropractic
“Christopher is an incredible speaker – intelligent, energetic, inspiring and very funny! Christopher has the amazing ability of communicating complex ideas in an entertaining, educational and easy to understand way.  Not only does Christopher sound like a professional speaker (even
_Monika Klein, BS, CN,Clinical Nutritionist
43Years Of Experience
150Successful Doctors
12958Number of Patients
35Books, Videos & Podcasts

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Consulting Packages

Everything that we do is totally customized to your needs. That's why you will not find cookie-cutter type packages here. We're more than happy to schedule a FREE Big Business Growth session with you. Just click the link and book an available time.

Silver package


  • YES Group Coaching
  • NO 1-to-1 Coaching
  • 2 Monthly Calls
  • NO Mastermind
  • NO VOXER App Access

Platinum package


  • no Group Coaching
  • YES 1-to-1 Coaching
  • 4 Monthly Calls
  • YES Mastermind
  • YES VOXER App Access

Doing the right thing, at the right time

I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will help you.